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EasyWorship Church Presentation Software

Create a consistent look to your worship presentations by using EasyWorship Church Presentation Software. What your congregation sees is important, however your stage requires support, EasyWorship fills both needs with our feature rich church worship software.

EasyWorship Church Presentation Software

EasyWorship 7

Be Confidence on Stage

What your congregation sees is important, however your stage requires support. Easy Worship Software allows your the audience to see the presentation on screen, while the stage show lets the stage see a custom presentation of the current presentation or video, a preview of subsequent item, a clock and personal alerts.

easy to use worship software

PowerPoint Stage View. Customize the stage presentation with thumbnails for previous, next and current slide.

Foldback Screen. The stage display assists your worship team with a easy to read screen with song lyrics, cues and the next slides first line.

Up Next. The stage allows pastors and musicians to see what coming up next, a video, bible verse, information slide.

Display Clock. Stay on schedule using the built in worship service display clock.

Sync Screen. Keep your eyes on the congregation with sync screen, those on stage can see what is presented on stage without the need to turn around and look at the screen behind them.

Right on Cue. When a video is being played you can show a countdown timer so the worship team and sound tech team know when to turn the lights and microphones on and start the next worship song.

Special Music. Have the lyrics show on the sync screen while the congregation views a nice background or video montage.

easyworship stageview graphic

Theme Designer

Create a consistent look to your worship presentations by using the theme designer. Setup templates with the fonts you like, the backgrounds that look best, the layout you use from week to week and save them so that no mater which tech is on the information being projected does not distract the congregation from worship. Great for creating items that happen every week like announcements, scriptures and songs.

easy worship software theme designer view

Share Data

Setup a shared database and all users on your churches network can share data. Presentations, media, lyrics themes and more. Manage multiple presentations databases in the Manager Profiles.

easyworship graphic for data sharing

Organize Your Media

Like a Playlist you can create collections by grouping together different libraries your own way. Create a search to find songs, themes, or media and save it. Share these collections across your church network.

organize your favorites in easyworship

Live View

Know what the congregation sees without dual monitors. Toggle Live View on, off, or resize it, to give yourself larger preview thumbnails.

easy worship software display view graphic

Scripture Search

Search the bible for a scripture verse within easy worship. Any bible added can be quickly searched by keyword, book chapter or a phrase. Click on the verse to instantly put it live on screen.

search scriptures in easyworship

Video Support

No need for third party codecs in Easy Worship Software. The most popular video formats supported include, MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV.

video formats that work with easyworship