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About us

ImageVine desires to be a place where churches can come to find excellent quality resources, information and practical assistance to their media efforts. We have been providing churches with quality Christian Backgrounds for over 15 years. ImageVine's online store was created back in 2003 as a resource for Churches and Christian Ministries.


Here at ImageVine, our goal is to build much more than a site simply providing digital projector backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a broad range of quality projector backgrounds and video at prices everyone can afford. Our goal is to become a website where articles, resources and tutorials on most any topic relating to projector usage can be found. Our goal is to provide answers, tips and support to media ministry teams worldwide. But more than that, our goal is to provide Christ's church with the necessary tools to effectively advance the message of the gospel and reflect the heart of God.


Our desire is to provide effective, thought-provoking media to churches for the sole purpose of reaching people and ministering to believers. In their day, Christ's disciples effectively used the tools available to them to spread the Good News. Our aim is no different today: to provide effective tools to churches, maximizing their potential and ability of reaching unbelievers, and ministering to believers alike.

What We Do

The ImageVine Team works to provide the best quality resources we can create or find- both video and still formats- on subject matter that is relevant to today’s church ministry. We try to offer the best combination of resources, materials, and practical support in order to make it easier for churches to incorporate visual media into their programs in an effective way. We feel that in order to be truly effective in serving churches, we need to not only provide the raw materials, but the practical training and insight to back it up. That is why at ImageVine you will find a thorough set of tutorials relating to projector usage, incorporating different types of visual media (i.e. PowerPoint backgrounds, PowerPoint templates, jpeg backgrounds, video clips, video motion backgrounds, etc.) as well as a multi-leveled support system to help you use the tools effectively.

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