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New Website (soft launch)

Posted by Jim Watson on

Welcome to our new website, the site is fully functional and you can purchase products and receive links to download the products immediately. We launched the site before we anticipated so only a quarter of the products are currently online. We were hoping to launch this site at the end of June, however time caught up with the old website which most of you are familiar which had run for over 10 years.  

As not all products are online and there are still a number of items to complete we launched the site with a password. The password prevents the search engines from crawling the site, and creating a incomplete index, which would effect our search engine placement.

At this time we are asking all clients to create an account on the new website, as we could not verify the accuracy of the old database.

Unfortunately we will not be able to port over the existing order history to the new website. We are working on getting a mirror of the old website working locally so we can access your order history. If you require a past purchase please contact us.

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